Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Excited about the upcoming performance!

Greetings! Today, we had a busy and productive day in the lab. First, we went to the Berkeley Art Museum and observed the space in which the December 2nd performance will be held. We established more concrete placement plans for the set and figured out technological logistics. We also viewed Kurt Schwitters' Color and Collage exhibit which includes beautiful sculpture and collages. The highlight of the exhibit was a recreation of his master-piece installation, Merzbau. The recreation possesses an interesting utilization of geometry, has an out-of this world feel, has amazing detail, and is very dynamic. So inspirational! The photos simply do not do the work justice. If you have an opportunity, go see the work for yourself.
When we went back to the lab, we were able to put together the set much more quickly and established a local network connection. We are also working on miniatures of the set which are molded with clay and will be painted.

We are very excited about the upcoming performance and hope to see you at the December 2nd performance in the Berkeley Art Museum!

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