Thursday, May 21, 2015

Digital Humanities Intermedia Collaborative Platform is Launched in Z-170

The Z-Lab has been awarded a Digital Humanities Grant to begin work on a new initiative called the Digital Intermedia Collaborative Platform - DICP.

This project is a collaboration with the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies CNMAT. Adrian Freed and Lisa Wymore are working together with a small team of creative engineers and artists to make a space that is "plug and play," allowing artists and teachers interested in working with sensors and sensor-based cameras to engage with the space easily and consistency. We are hoping to create an enlivened space for teaching and performance that utilizes commercial components all configured in a way that allows for flexibility but also has a deep layer of stability and consistency.

We will be publishing our findings in an open source document. Our hope is that other laboratories like the Z-Lab will create spaces with similar configurations so that we can collaborate and create a network of spaces for those interested in computer augmented performances and experiments. More soon....

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