Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Camera Mounted to Lighting Grid - Testing Begins

We were able to get our first camera hung on the lighting grid this past Friday. Preliminary tests took place regarding feasibility of the camera placement. So far the placement looks great and we were able to start projecting onto the floor. Our next session will include wall projections and connecting data to various sound sources. 

We were visited in the lab by two graduate students: Megan Hoetger from Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies, and Meg Alvarado-­Saggese from the Rhetoric Department. Both are interested in learning more about the Z-Lab and the new Digital Intermedia Collaborative Platform that we are building.

Friday, September 11, 2015

We are making progress!

Last Friday we had a great day working in the Z-Lab! Rama Gottfried is creating an incredibly elegant interface with the Kinect cameras using point-cloud data and we were able to test out what he has been working on over the summer. Pictured below are Adrian Freed, Rama Gottfried, Ursula Kwong-Brown, John MacCallum, Jules Espiau, and Lisa Wymore networking computers to engage with the data streaming from Rama's computer. Our next steps are to hang various Kinect cameras and depth sensing cameras on the grid infrastructure that has been installed in the Z-Lab. We will then continue optimizing the hardware and software as we start to build a user friendly set of tools for making spatially aware sound and movement creative projects and instruments. We look forward to seeing how stage light impacts the system.