Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Rondo Project Begins!

Rondo Project:

Working with acclaimed California sculptor Bruce Beasley, dance and technology artists Lisa Wymore, Sheldon Smith, and Ian Heisters will collaborate on a new performative work that experiments with animating Beasley’s Rondo sculpture project. Ursula Kwong-Brown is composing a new sound 
score for the project. This collaboration is sponsored by the department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies and the Art Research Center at UC Berkeley. The impetus for the project is to activate Beasley’s iconic and majestic large scale intertwining ring sculptures through 3D animation and human motion tracking technology. The projected sculptural forms will dance and articulate themselves - passing through each other virtually in ways that could not be achieved in the real world. The rings will be driven by human behavior, gesture, and movement. The images will then be projected onto a large wall in the Playhouse Theater creating a spectacle of large and weightless sculptural forms being manipulated by human-scale performers controlling the actions of the rings.

Can we sense human feelings through the vocabulary of geometry? What power dynamics exist between live bodies in the performance space and huge projections of metal-like objects in the virtual space? Will we sense the weight and power of the projected images? Will the performers seem beyond human strength as they activate the projections with their bodies? Will the “bodies” of the rings become one with the bodies of the dancers?