Lisa Wymore

Lisa is the Director of Z-Lab UC Berkeley and is the Co-Artistic Director of Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts. Wymore is an Associate Professor of Dance and the Director of the Dance Program within the Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies at UC Berkeley. 


Hannah Kim
Hannah is an undergraduate student double majoring in English and Film Studies. As a research assistant at Z-Lab, she is interested in exploring how art brings out the expressive capacities of media technology.

Jayde Inspektor
Jayde is an Applied Mathematics major and a Dance and Performance Studies minor. She is excited to being exploring the possibilities of combining art and technology as a research apprentice.

Rosa Lisbeth Navarrete
Rosa studies English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and Dance Performance. As an apprentice, her interests lie in how technology can evolve the interpretation of performance. She enjoys tele-presence as an art form, and she looks forward to it becoming available to anyone who is interested in learning culture, dance, language, and science through the exchange of images and sound.
Tatiana August-Schmidt 
Tatiana is a sophomore undergraduate in the History Department hoping to attend film school after UC Berkeley. Intrigued by the concept of co-location and digital performance, she enjoys exploring these concepts and helping facilitate Z-Lab projects.

Brooke Kennamer
Brooke is a student assistant researcher with a Dance and Performance Studies and Integrative Biology double major. She is most interested in the relationship that develops between performers in different locations interacting in the same space when utilizing tele-presence.

Kush Agrawal
Kush is an undergraduate student in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. The fusion of Art and Technology fascinates him. Z-Lab is his first foray (of, hopefully, many more) into the field.

Miranda Barros
Miranda is a senior undergraduate student in the English Department. New technologies that open space for different kinds of creative expression is an intriguing topic of research for her. She is also interested in learning more about the art of video media.